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First Scandal of the Coalition

I'm even more lacking in sympathy for David Laws than I was last night. If you are a closeted multi-millionaire politician why exactly are you claiming taxpayers money to pay rent to your lover (who you don't view as your partner because you don't have a joint bank account or joint circle of friends)? Yes ok it wasn't against the rules when you started but was it morally right? What would the man on the street have thought of that arrangement? If you want privacy why claim at all? Its not like you need the money. It is interesting that his claims for utilities etc went down quite substantially once he had to provide receipts.

The Torygraph has been sitting on this story for a very long time, the question is why. And how did they find out that Laws was living with a lover? If they hadn't even told close friends or family? Was it a guess? I know people are blaming Campbell, I agree it's a possibility but I don't think it was him. I hope for Laws' & the Coalition's sake that he hasn't got any other skeletons in his closet. It's 50/50 whether he's going to survive this one, another scandal might tip it over the balance into resignation.

It's a real shame because he's got more financial experience in his little finger than the Chancellor has in his entire body. We do actually need him at the Treasury.

Why didn't he admit this during the witch hunt last year? Surely he must have been a bit worried? The more I think about this the more annoyed I get. Obviously money doesn't buy common sense or a moral compass.