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Under my desk

So I don't know what happened with the Tennis. I had this really bad feeling of foreboding this afternoon. I did not feel good at all, there was this heavy presence of dread hanging over me before I'd even switched to the bbc website. Then I kept checking the score and not liking what I was seeing. So in the end, I stopped checking because it wasn't good. And I was meant to be working. Anyway this feeling of dread left me around quarter to three - so I don't know what that means. Had the match finished? Did a alternative sporting year gods turn their attention back to the football? I heard North Korea was getting thumped 7 NIL - they obviously needed some help.

Anyway I'm in a happy place not knowing the score. I'm avoiding the bbc website, newspaper websites, the news, the radio etc. I'm sure my curiosity will get the better of me sooner or later. I'll see how long I manage to keep from searching to see if He Who Shall Not Be Named had a Graf moment. When Graf got knocked out by Laurie McNeil in the first round when she was defending champion, I hated McNeil sfm. I would watch her to see if someone knocked her out. My mother liked her but she hated tennis so what does she know. Still to this very day just her name sets my teeth on edge. Beat my favourite I hate you forever!

Positives of he who shall not be named being knocked out - Less points to defend next year. Which can only be a good thing. Seriously. Stalkerazzi pictures, more time to practice for the US Open
Negatives of HWSNBN being knocked out - British Media not shutting the fuck up about it and Muzza, dropping further down the rankings

If a certain tennis player has been knocked out then Roddick had better get his arse in gear.