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Writing Outlines

I like to write using an outline. I can't really write without one. So today I notice that four lines on the outline is clocking in at 4000 words and counting. I hope this is not indicative of the word count of the rest of the story. I have outlined 2/3 through on four sides of A4 paper.


Unwanted muses

I had an idea for Rape fic *________________________* Not at all sure that came from. Problem is it won't leave me alone. It's because I saw that kink big bang and started thinking about dub-con ideas.

Please go away. I really don't want to write that kind of thing, it will be really rather depressing.


Election Woes

Already they start with the bombarding of political junk mail. It is junk mail because it doesn't tell you anything useful.

Labour is irritating me more than the rest because I've had one phone call - Told them I didn't vote Labour which wasn't actually true. I voted for them at the last General Election. Now I come home to junk mail from Labour telling me all the wonderful things they have done with my taxes. Not a single one of which I benefit from being a single working person who was stupid enough to get a job at 19 instead of getting impregnated by the nearest bone idle male.

I have a good mind to write to my MP to enquire what exactly the Labour Party is going to do for me, single working person who is contributing to the economy and is not taking anything from the economy.

Although I have to admit I don't like political parties being in for more than eight years. They get too complacent, run out of good ideas and in general create too much of a mess. And also have their snouts far too far into the trough.  I'd really like it if governments changed hands every four years that way they can't do too much damage.

And what is this business about making sure you're registered? I'm sure I'm registered having voted in every single election since being eligible to vote - did my mp write to me on my birthday? Did he heck. My sister got a letter. Although I suppose I shouldn't really hold that grievance against the Labour party after all these years...

Help Haiti

This Journal was created in the morning of January 13, 2010, as a place for fandomers to help raise money to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12, 2010.

More information will be coming soon regarding ways to donate, and an auction of creative works.

Bid or offer!
I'm alive. I was avoiding parts of the internet because I was supposed to be writing nano. That didn't go well, seeing as I found other parts of the internet - facebook - to procrastinate in. Also now my internet connection has gone dodgy. BT is sending a little man on Wednesday. I suppose I ought to check my email account...

Dreamwidth invite codes

I've got an invite code if anyone wants. I think I can generate another two as well.


So I opened up my inbox...

The Tennis

I'm setting the video. Let me know if he wins.


Q. Will you not miss Rafa Nadal on Sunday?

ROGER FEDERER: No, not really. Not really. Maybe for you you're going to miss him, but not me.

Full interview here

Dear Roger

The stars are obviously in alignment. Please don't fuck this up.

Thank you.

Pink T-shirt Woes

I need to get a pink t-shirt as I foolishly allowed myself to be signed up for the race for life http://www.raceforlife.org/ 5K round Hyde Park at the height of summer. I guess I'll also need a cap. Anyway I was thinking about getting a design printed on it. Any suggestions of what I should write? Dying in Pink is probably not a good idea.

Music Meme

Music Meme
ovo_kinder gave me the letter B. At first I couldn't think of anything beginning with B, then I thought of so much that it got hard to whittle it down to five tracks.

Berlin- Take My Breath Away. This was played in the love scene in Top Gun. I love the song more than I loved that film (although I haven't been able to watch it since I grew up).

Calling - Bz. Bz are a Japanese Rock/Pop group from what I've been able to find out. This was the theme tune for the live action version of Glass no Kamen. Which is based on a very successful and long running Manga. There are also a couple of anime versions. Anyway I love the song so I had to hunt it down. I'm a bit twisted so I was quite amused by this Jdrama - there is a great height and age differential between the hero and heroine. Plus he keeps calling her little girl. Which caused me to constantly crack up. It is your typical grand sweeping epic shojo romance drama. Unusually there are two series and a special(this leaves a lot to be desired). So it must have been pretty popular out there.

Beulah - Stay. I head this song on a random website and I loved it so much that I bought the album. You couldn't buy downloads then.

Bangles - Eternal Flame. I've never actually seen the film that this is from but I really like the song. I suppose I ought to get round to viewing it one day.

Bon Jovi - Always. I love this song. I know almost all the words. It is kind of embarrassing. I remember being a teenager, listening to their concert on Radio 1 and singing my little heart out.

Let me know if you'd like a letter for the music meme.


RG Draw

WTH is up with that flash draw on the RG site?
Any important business - Nole is on Federer's side of the draw. As is Roddick. As is Del Potro.
Nadal has Murray, Verdasco, Simon. Can't be bothered to write anymore as I'm late for that thing I was going to do.



Suddenly remembered I'm meant to be on strike. I crossed the picket line to look at pictures of he-who-shall-not be named training in Zurich. Ah, pretty. In my defence I had been temporarily blinded by the pictures of the Snagtooth Fairy doing something in a gym, I hesitate to say training on my friends list. Also there was him and his team naked in a bath. Yeah. So I accidentially clicked without knowing what I was looking at to escape the horror.
Not that anyone cares but I rushed down to the newsagents this morning to find the new Hello Magazine (for the first time ever) because someone reported that there were Rorka Wedding Pictures. It wasn't there! The horror. I had to go to the train station instead. When I got home I tried hooked the aged scanner up to the Vista PC - blue screen of death. So I had to resort to the old PC which is on its last legs. Can I just say I love XP, even more than my apparent Rorka love. Which is really disturbing - when did I turn into such a fangirl?

My scanner is older than the ark so I apologise for the poor quality scans. Also it is an A4 scanner and Hello Magazine is slightly larger than A4. There's an article with quotes from Federer, I don't think there are any new pictures. And you probably shouldn't click the cut if you're on dial-up.
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I have a bad feeling about the rest of the tennis season.


I know all the words to this song.

I'm still tone deaf though.


Remind me to keep away from the BBC website. I'd managed to avoid news of a certain mongrel type person and then saw something I really didn't want to see on a headline. I'll continue avoiding the sports news methinks.

I'm so going to hell...

Not content with slashing tennis players I've now moved on to football players. I've written Stevie/Xabi fic. I'm deciding if I should actually edit it. I wonder if there are any other sports I should consider slashing as I'm going to hell anyway.
And Murray beat Del Potro. This is turning out to be a really great weekend. Bah. I bet Muzza is now going to win the wretched thing. I'm ignoring all news outlets, again. Mainly because I really don't want to hear about fed going mad ad naseum. Maybe the guy will revisit that shrink who told him to develop the poker face because that mask which slipped off at Oz appears to have smashed into a billion pieces and he really needs to get a new one. Otherwise he's going to find himself way down the rankings.
Just got an email from the ATP with the following subject heading.
Your Personal Tickets Offer; Rafa's Hips Don't Lie

ETA: Do I want to get nosebleed tickets for the O2 arena - can you actual see a tennis ball from level 4? WTH all the final and semi final tickets are sold out?

ETA2: WTH? Only nosebleed tickets left for the event? I'm not paying money plus travel costs to see little dots. I'm watching it on the tv. It's going to be here until 2013 apparently, I'll try to get tickets next year. Bah humbug. Presale my arse.


Working Title: Fedal Crackfic

Mar. 22nd, 2009

Murray is looking worn out already and he's still complaining about the Umpire not seeing a piece of paper floating across the court. Anyone would think he's not going to be many thousands of dollars richer at the end of this match. Darn did I just miss him breaking his racket?

ETA: Nadal has taken the first set 6-1. Murray really needs to chill.
ETA 2: Nadal has taken the second set 6-2. I guess Murray didn't manage to chill.

I'm back to watching the News etc. I'm so going to LOL at the disappointment in the voices of the sports presenters.



I got an idea. Started writing an outline of what is going to happen. I'm over 3000 words. For an outline. WTH? I have difficulty writing a short story over a thousand words.